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Graphic: Preparing for Withdrawal From Coach Factory OutletAfghanistanWorld Twitter Logo.Connect With Us on TwitterFollow @nytimesworld for international breaking news and headlines.
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Col. Akbar Stanikzai, right, a senior official at the Afghan Armys National Recruiting Center in Kabul, said: Recruitment,Coach Factory Outlet its like a machine: If you stopped, it would collapse.
He checks to see if the ringtones are Taliban campaign Coach Factory Outlettunes, if the screen savers show the white Taliban flag on a black background, or if the phone memory includes any insurgent beheading videos.
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The attrition strikes at the core of Americas exit strategy in Afghanistan: to build an Afghan National Army that can take over the war and allow the United States and NATO forces to withdraw by the end of 2014. The urgency of that deadline has only grown as the pace of the troop pullout has become an issue in the American presidential campaign.
The Afghan deserters complain of corruption among their officers, poor food and equipment, indifferent medical care, Taliban intimidation of their families and, probably most troublingly, a lack of belief in the armys ability to fight the Coach Factory Outletinsurgents after the American military withdraws.
On top of that, recruits now undergo tougher vetting because of concerns that enemy infiltration of the Afghan military is contributing to a wave of attacks on Coach Outlet Onlineinternational forces.
Colonel Stanikzai, a senior official at the armyCoach Outlet Onlines National Recruiting Center, is on the front line of that effort; in the six months through September, he and his team of 17 interviewers have rejected 962 applicants, he said.
There are drug traffickers who want to use our units for their business, enemy infiltrators who want to Coach Online Outletraise problems, jailbirds who cant find any other job, he said. During the same period, however, 30,000 applicants were approved.
Recruitment, its like a machine, he said. If you stopped, it would collapse.
Despite the challenges, so far the Afghan recruiting process is not only on track, but actually ahead of schedule. Afghanistans army reached its full Coach Factory Outlet Onlineauthorized strength in June, three months early, though there are still no units that American trainers consider able to operate entirely without NATO assistance.
According to Brig. Gen. Dawlat Waziri, the deputy spokesmanCoach Factory Online for the Afghan Defense Ministry, the Armys desertion rate is now 7 to 10 percent. Despite substantial pay increases for soldiers who agree to re-enlist, only about 75 percent do, he said. (Recruits commit to three years of service.)
Put another way, a third of the Afghan Army perpetually consists of first-year recruits fresh off a 10- to 12-week training Coach Factory Outlet course. And in the meantime, tens of thousands of men with military training are put at loose ends each year, albeit without their army weapons, in a country rife with militants who are always looking for help.
Fortunately there are a lot of people who want a job with the army, and weve always managed to meet the goal set by the Ministry of Defense for us, said Gen. Abrahim Ahmadzai, the Hermes Beltsdeputy commander Coach Factory Onlineof the NaCoach Outlet Online tional Recruiting Center. The countrys 34 provincial recruitment centers have a combined quota of 5,000 new recruits a month.
Were not concerned about getting enough young men, General Ahmadzai said, just as long as we get that $4.1 billion a year from NATO.
That is the amount pledged by the United States and its allies to continue paying to cover the expenses of the Afghan military.

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Warto skorzysta&#263; z pomocy doradcy kredytowego, przewa&#380;nie w wi&#281;kszych por&#243;wnywarkach kredytowych jest sposobno&#347;&#263; skorzystania z pomocy doradcy kredytowego ca&#322;kiem za darmo.
Por&#243;wnywarki kredytowe s&#261; bardzo u&#380;yteczne, warto z nich korzysta&#263; wybieraj&#261;c kredyt, wypada jednak pami&#281;ta&#263;, &#380;e to bank postanawia czy udost&#281;pni danej osobie kredytu.</p>
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